Saturday, April 22, 2006

Nepali VIdeos

Rally in NYC in support of the "Nepali Revolution"
(see NYC Rally Video)

After Dr. Karan Singh's visit to Nepal, starting April 19, five days into the Bikram Sambat or Baisakhi New Year, King Gyanendra issued a message to his nation on Friday, announcing his intention to transfer exceutive power to a seven party coalition government pursuant to Article 35 in their Constitution of 1990, but curfews are being ignored as protests continue. Among other shortfalls, Gyanendra has not revoked Article 127 of the Constitution, which gives the monarch means to oust an elected government.

Here's a short list of links to recent articles, blogosphere sources and Google videos.

The Hindu, April 23

Himal Editor Kanak Mani Dixit, writing from prison, in Outlook India

full coverage in The Hindustan Times

BBC News on April 23

Nepal Highlights video

Democracy for Nepal (blogspot)

Prakash Poudel (above, right) sings Paicha Paicha-- rap video in Nepali

Pin Plan videos

Dendi Sherpa Metok Thangbo video

The Rising Nepal (right wing)

United We Blog for a Democratic Nepal

Pratyush Chandra in CounterPunch

From Hindustan Times on 4/25:

"NEPAL’S KING Gyanendra, in a televised address to the nation late on Monday, agreed to reinstate parliament and called its session on Friday. Coming a day ahead of the massive rally called in Kathmandu by the Seven-Party Alliance, the announcement is a key concession for the pro-democracy forces. Sources said the SPA may accept the revival of parliament as its members could then constitute a constituent assembly to amend the 1990 Constitution and remove Article 127, which gives the king the right to dismiss elected governments."

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