Friday, March 03, 2006

Splendorous Farewell

Last Friday,
Gian Berto Vanni, Frani Gay Vanni and Lita Semerad threw what I can only call a many-splendored party to say goodbye to Barbara Porter, who's leaving on the 11th for Jordan and a very glamorous new job - after many long years in New York, during which I had the pleasure of hearing several of her sparkling lectures at the Temple of Dendur -- and resuming the lifelong peripatetic habits of her far-flung family. Surrounded by the gemstone iridescence of a fifty-two year retrospective 0f Gian Berto's paintings, of which I reproduce a small sample here, a crush of good friends wearing extraordinary textiles and unique ornament made uncommon conversation and shared much gentle laughter...Barbara's visitors in Jordan will be legion....

No former wild child could hope for a more tolerant, amused, forgiving, good-humored,
calm, steady and stylish friend!

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