Saturday, January 14, 2006


after PEN round table discussion about
'A Million Little Pieces'...

1) A man ran onto the platform, looking for a train. Tripping over the yellow line, he fell onto the tracks. Stopping the train, others picked him up. A track-shaped indentation bled across his occipital skull bone. "I’m fine," he insisted. Police and medics came. Standing clear of the closing doors, some declared
, "He was on drugs."

2) I was so very sick. Walking to the doctor’s office, I fainted near a school. The school nurse gave me water and sent me onward. The doctor’s waiting room reeked of smoke. ‘Nobody smokes here,’ said the receptionist. When I went to pay my bill a month later, the doctor was dead from lung cancer.

3) Strangers whistled at the fourteen year old girl -- truck drivers, panhandlers, builders and oddballs. Passing pedestrians quizzed her. “Where Have You Been All My Life?” they cried. One day in the Park, an ancient man ordered his nurse to stop his wheelchair in her path. “You are as beautiful as a thousand orchids,” he said.

4) The fat Judge dismissed the Complaint with prejudice. Plaintiff appealed. Defendants-Respondents moved to strike the Record, but the Record was what it was. Briefs were filed. Like a faulty Jack-in-the-Box, Defendants’ Counsel jumped at the wrong time. The order unanimously modified on the law and the facts, removing prejudice, Plaintiff became free to complain again.

5) Two women entered an oak-paneled elevator. Bitter rivals in seeking to influence not-for-profit event production, one was richer, the other poorer. Tension grew as the cab descended. Halfway, the poorer said, “I shall hound you for that flourless chocolate cake recipe.” “Don’t bother,” said the richer, “I’ll e-mail it to you.” And she did.

6) The Dean came from California especially to address Alumni and Parents in New York. Exceptional strawberries were served at The University Club. Then the Dean spotted an undergraduate in the audience. “What are you doing here?” he asked. The stunning undergraduate smiled brilliantly, “I heard you were speaking, so I flew over,“ she said.

With thanks to
Sepia Mutiny

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