Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas 1967

Hear the song at this link:

Christmas Time Is Here Again
is the Beatles' Christmas card to their fans and an affirmation of good times had by one and all in 1967.
They hit their stride with this one, and it's worth a listen. Every inflection, drumbeat, harmony, gasp, whistle, snort and wheeze is as familiar to me now as it was 38 years ago. My own plastic copy, if indeed it still exists, has languished somewhere in my mother's house halfway around the world ever since, so this knowledge of my own memory might have been lost to me were it not for CounterPunch, whose 'Website of the Weekend' on December 24/25 pointed me in the right direction, i.e., back to blogspot.

This offhand masterpiece predates Monty Python's BBC d├ębut by a couple of years. Never mind simpe tunes like Volare, w
ho knew millions like me have been walking around all over the world for nearly forty years with 'Christmas Time is Here Again' lying silent but neatly coded in their brains, ready to karaoke?

...Oh, right, somebody did, because it was released again
in 1995 as the flip side of Free as a Bird...

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